About me

I'm a Canadian federal government employee living in Ottawa, Canada. But, Books Dads Love is my passion: helping dads to bond with their kids over storytime - that's about the best mission going.

Having your little one snuggle up on Dad’s lap, letting out a little giggle because your chin is prickly when you kiss them. Now and then, they say, “I love you, Da-da” under their breath. Something about it lifts you out of the rest of life’s mess of bills, work, and responsibilities. Times like those give you the strength to get up the next day and do it all again. And study after study shows the importance of fathers reading and spending time with their kids. It sets them up for success.

This project started for a few reasons. 

One is because I try and be an active, involved father, and most dads you see in kids' books are anything but that. Usually, they’re the butt of the joke. I’m happy to be able to contribute a few books where the dads are good dads.

The other is that I wrote my first book - Little Digger - for one of my little guys who was more prone to dig or bonk things than sit through a book. It’s a book about courage, rising to the challenge, and digging in the mud. At 9, he’s an avid reader. I like to think that having a book written for him helped with that. Then my other tykes all wanted their own so now I’m working on a book for my 6th kid.

My blog on this site is an attempt to open up the conversation on a lot of things dads struggle with. Finding your why, mental health, as well as diving into all the great books that help Dads be who they want to be - it’s a bit all over the map. But it's my piece of the www so I figure I can go ahead and make it as messy as I want. Be sure to sign up for my mailing list so you get notified as new blogs from Books Dads Love or new books come out!