Princess Azaelia Camellia Lynn

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Princess Azealia loves to dance. There is just one problem: her mother - the Queen - doesn’t like it. Azealia knocks over plants. Pulls down curtains. Scuffs up tables. Azealia's dancing is quite wild. Her father - the King - is on her side; he wants to see her follow her heart.

One day, Azealia gets recruited into a marching band as it passes by. This causes quite the stir. Her dancing is so infectious that the whole town joins in. Firemen, police officers, zookeepers … they all bop along with the fun. You will need to read for yourself to see whether her mother is won over in the end.

"What I especially loved about this book was how involved the father was in the story and the daughter. I feel like most children’s books ignore fathers or give them a passive role. This book was great because the father was involved in the story from start to finish and I especially liked that. As I mentioned earlier the rhythm of the text is exceptional. I liked the details such as the zoo animals, people falling asleep in the church to be woken up by the dancing and music, and the families conversation over the furniture. I was impressed with how much character development I could identify throughout the story. I appreciated the use of color in the illustrations and the diversity of the characters themselves. I especially liked that the little girl was in overalls for many of the illustrations, often “princesses” and “dancers” are only depicted in pink or ballerina dresses, and this character loved dancing, was a princess, and wore overalls. I thought that was a subtle character choice by the illustrator that made the book more relatable."